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August 16 2017

Subject : Imposition of Penalty on Late Submission of Air Manifest

Please be informed that effective 01 September 2017, late submission

of air manifest shall be subject to the payment of penalty as indicated

in Customs Memorandum Order No. 10-2015.

Copy of said memorandum is posted on our website cdec.com.ph



Official Information Sheet, Monitoring Excel Form available at this link:

Balikbayan Forms


Memorandum To:

All Airlines, NVOCC's/Freight Forwarders/Consolidators

Joint PEZA-Customs Clearing Office (JPCO)

AOD-Transshipment Unit

Customs Operations Officer Unit III/V

All Other Concerned

Subject: Implementation of Electronic Manifest

Pursuant to determination of the Management Information System &

Technology Group (MISTG) that the air manifest is encountering problem

because some Airlines who submitted e-IFM with type of Airway Bill

declared as MAWB resulting in the acceptance of the House Airway Bill

even if the manifest is not yet registered, aggravated by some

Forwarders using the chargeable weight instead of the gross weight. As

a result, direct validation of pending e-IFM submission is projected

to be finished by early next week.

To ensure continued delivery of services without interruption and

minimize the adverse impact of the transition into the e-IFM to the

transacting public, especially, Importers in the PEZA and Free Port Zone,

the following temporary measures are hereby adopted:

1. Transit shipments bound for ECOZONES, FREEPORT ZONES and

CUSTOMS BONDED WAREHOUSES are hereby allowed manual


2. The Brokers/Consignee shall encode the goods description and print-

out the Pre-SAD. Then the print-out of Pre-SAD together with the

attachments shall be stamped with a unique reference/entry number by

AOD-Transshipment Unit.

3. Once the AWBs of those manually processed shipments are validated

the Transhipment SAD (TSAD) must be lodged in E2M.

4. Once finally assessed, the TSADs shall be coursed through the AOD-

Transshipment Unit for cancellation of manual entry.

5. Outstanding manually processed entries not reconciled by AOD-

Transshipment Unit 15 days after final release shall be treated as

abandon or overstaying cargo as the case may be.

For strict compliance.

Signed by:


OIC - Deputy Collector for Operations


District Collector

Dated: June 23, 2017


Thank you for your support and continued patronage!