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FLASH UPDATE: November 24, 2017


Please be reminded of BOC special assessment on 26 November 2017,

Sunday, from 9am to 5pm for unassessed transit entries (T-SAD)

dated 16 June 2017 and backwards. And as such, the following activities

are not allowed to be done.

1. Lodgment of new entries in E2M System

2. Assessment of entries dated 17 June 2017 and to date.

3. During this period, MISTG Technical Team will switch-off the manifest

at P03 from 8am to 5pm then switch-on the manifest at 6pm.

4. The VASPs shall not transmit SAD intended for P03 on the said date

until further notice from MISTG on when to resume transmission.

5. Customers are advised to ensure CTF are loaded with funds, to avoid

INSUFFICIENT BALANCE Error during final assessment of BOC

Note : Lodgment of new entries and assessment of other entries can be

done only after MISTG give the go signal. Cooperation and strict

compliance is hereby required.


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CCBI Lodgement Fee

Prepaid Fund for your Import Lodgment with CDEC on eTrade.net.ph

will remain separate from your CCBI Lodgement Fund. Submission to

BOC E2M will have no dependency to the amount present with CCBI.

For questions, please do not hesitate.


Enhanced LIVE CHAT Service

Look for the blue bar found at www.cdec.com.ph for quick assistance.

Our "LIVE CHAT" channel is always manned by a trained customer

support agent. To ensure system security and data confidentiality,

clients who use "LIVE CHAT" may be asked to provide their authorized

CDEC user ID.

Thank you for your support and continued patronage!

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September 2017

Subject : Imposition of Penalty on Late Submission of Air Manifest

Please be informed that effective 01 September 2017, late submission

of air manifest shall be subject to the payment of penalty as per BOC.


CCBI Lodgement Fee

Attention Licensed Brokers: Implementation of the CCBI Lodgment Fee

Shall take effect on October 1, 2017 pursuant to CCBI Board Resolution

No.4 s.2017. For more information, you may reach out to CCBI at

Phone:02 5275340, Fax:02 5271198, Email: lfsupport@ccbiphils.org

Visit also www.cdec.com.ph or click this link for the mechanics:

Primer on CCBI Lodgement Fee


Thank you for your support and continued patronage!